About this blog

This blog is a blog that is dedicated to giving you free codes to be redeemed on MyCokeRewards.com. The way it currently works is that I will either post the code, or will write a post saying that the first blank people to comment on this post get a code, or that the first and third people get the codes. It will differ based on how I feel, but instructions will be included on each post.  Please note that you must be following the blog publicly or privately to get the code and that you must be registered with Google so I can send you the code. After you comment on it, I will send you the code in 0-3 days. I will send it to you whenever I get around to it during that time period. Please refer your friends to my site. It makes me happy when more people visit the site, and when I'm happy, I post more codes. When you get enough points, you can redeem them for merchandise that includes giftcards, hats, suitcases, and T.V's. So, have fun trying to get to them first, and good luck!