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Koreaseabee said...

I'm am so frustrated and disappointed with this Rewards program as this is the 2nd time that this has happened to me and I wasn't going to say anything but my fellow Veterans here at the VA hospital where I've been going thru treatment and preparing for skin graphs and another surgery, have told me to voice my opinion about what happened. I went on to get a 75% off deal which was going to be a birthday surprise and gift for my daughter and her 2 friends but something happened when I tried to print the Six Flags Tix and tried redeeming these and I have copies I printed of the error messages and went to the library to try it there and the same thing happened. I tried redeeming and it true to take a 1000 PTA which is almost all of my points and I was so frustrated and my daughter was very bummed out about this since this Sunday was suppose to be her party at Six Flags but we will have to cancel or postpone it because of the mess trying to get this super Wednesday or wow Wednesday deal. Please help me get this message out. Thank you
Erik Balodis