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This page will serve as the MyCokeRewards forum page. This is used if you have extra codes and if you want to make somebody's day. You can post codes by commenting on this page.


Othercat said...

I just wanted to thank you for giving away points every day. Your generosity just earned you a backlink from my coke site. I hope it helps!

Grant B. said...

Thank you, Othercat, I'm sure that it will help. Thank you for your generosity. Your article about MyCokeRewards is very interesting and helpful. I was thinking about saving up to get some of the more expensive rewards, and your site has helped make sure that my decision wasn't the wrong one (which it originally was going to be, as I was thinking about getting the 5-in-1 wireless headphones, which you have as 1 star because of poor audio quality). So I would also like to thank you for the 1249 points that I saved thanks to you.

Othercat said...

You should take another look Grant. The headphones with the bad audio quality are the red street style headphones. If you scroll down a little further (under Brand Names for MCR Rewards), you'll find a link to 17 reviews for the 5 in 1 headphones.

Craig Leonhard said...


gmg said...

Enjoyed my rewards

Mandy said...

does anyone know why they stopped having the nike gift cards available? That was how i bought my kids shoes once per year.
Are they gonna bring them back later?

Sharon Martin said...

Sorry I don't have a code but I did get an email from MCR
notifying me of winning a $500 egift card contest that was
missing the url and digital codes necessary for redemption.
I have called MCR twice and am still waiting for them to
confirm that I won. Does anyone know anything about fake
emails or a glitch in their system? Thanks.

wcbob1960 said...

If anybody has some free extra rewards to give, I'll gladly take them! wcbob1960 at

Thank you!