Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I realize that this is off topic, but it is related in a way. The whole purpose of MyCokeRewards is to get free stuff from it. Unfortunately, it doesn't pay us cash, and a lot of the items are overpriced (a hat for 500 points, or 168 caps worth of points). I use it to get free stuff along with another website. This website is Inboxdollars and is nice because they pay you for doing stuff like checking e-mail, watching videos, and shopping online. Those are the easiest ones, as you can also play games and take surveys (usually not worth it, as you only get 50 cents per survey usually). But the cash shopping is the best portion of it. If you do a lot of shopping online, you can get 2-3% of whatever you buy. It's sort-of like getting paid to shop, which is a lot better than not-at-all getting paid to shop. So please check it out via the banner at the top of this page (it will take you to there website, and I also get credit for "referring" you, which I think also comes with benefits for you too).


Anonymous said...

I agree that MCR's stuff is overpriced when you convert everything over. I will definitely check out the INBOX program.

The one I use is SwagBucks? Have you ever heard of it? You get credit for much of the same stuff, including doing searches on the Internet. The 'bucks' I get, I trade for Amazon Gift cards. If you would like to check it out, here's my link:
I use it casually and average one $5 GIft card a week.


Mungo said...

Yes, MCR stuff is all overpriced. Thanks for the heads up on InboxDollars.

I use SwagBucks also & they are great. It is so easy to use & get bucks. Also the $5 Amazon Gift cards are very easily obtainable @ only 450 points.

Grant B. said...

If you are going to sign up, could you please do it via the banner at the top od the page. That way, I can get credited for referring you.

Suchislife said...

I not only do Swagbucks and Inbox, but I also do Bing. Bing is the best by far. I have gotten a coffee pot with a grinder, worth $195; a watch worth $147; a flashlight that never needs batteries (going green) worth $27; a new IE mouse, worth $74, a GPS, worth $189...and the list goes on and on and on. So, I guess it's up to the individual to try and see.