Monday, July 11, 2011

125 Days of Summer

On MyCokeRewards, there is a new instant win out called 125 Days of Summer. This instant win has some great prizes, from a car to the worst one being $200 in Live Concert Cash. The only drawback of this instant win is that there is only one prize per day, and thus you have a smaller chance of winning a prize. Either way, you should still enter it, because you can do it for free. I have a section here to tell you how to get a free entry, but I will tell it here for those of you that haven't looked at the pages. You have to go to the rules. There should be a link to them above the Enter button highlighted in red. Click on them, and then scroll down to the AMOE portion of entry. There will be a Click Here to get a free entry. Click there, enter in the key (to prove that you aren't a computer), and then enter the contest. When prompted which entry you want to use, use your free entry. IMPORTNAT: PLEASE NOTE THAT PAYING POINTS WILL DO NOTHING FOR YOU IN THE CONTEST, THE BEST WAY TO ENTER IS TO SAVE YOUR POINTS AND ENTER FOR FREE. You can still enter 5 times per day the free way, and they expire after 5 days. So please, don't be a sucker and pay out your points to enter. This is the most convenient free way to enter, as you don't even have to write in on a note card. So please, please don't be a sucker and pay to enter.

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